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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Meetings01/11/2019AlexDiscussMeeting #5313: Meeting with Ridhi0.25
Meetings01/10/2019AlexDiscussMeeting #5322: Meeting with (Mike 8:30AM EST) 5:30PM - 6:00PM0.45
Meetings01/10/2019AlexDiscussMeeting #5313: Meeting with Ridhi0.33
Meetings05/21/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #17183: 1st Meet: IT Discussionmeeting on IT builds0.50
Meetings02/12/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #15029: Stand Uponly discussed thru Skype chat as Pooja has some issues with her headset she cannot have a call0.25
Meetings02/07/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14835: Stand Updiscuss ticket priorities for the day with Pooja0.50
Meetings02/05/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14831: Stand Updiscussed with Pooja on priorities today- mostly MedApp0.33
Meetings02/04/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14907: Sprint Wednesday - 2nd Meetingdiscussion on MedApp update for the Brice call on 2/5; other Medapp concerns1.50
Meetings02/04/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14891: Stand Upteam discussion on priorities for the day0.50
Meetings01/31/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14656: Stand Updiscussed with Pooja on MedApp builds today and testing tickets0.33
Meetings01/29/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14652: Stand Updiscussed tickets 14701 and 12325 with Pooja on MedApp concerns0.50
Meetings01/23/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14561: Sprint Thurday - 2nd Meetingmeeting with Mike and Yona on MedApp0.75
Meetings01/22/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14520: Sprint Wednesday (1st Meeting): Med App Weekly Meetingdiscuss various MedApp issues1.50
Meetings01/22/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14497: Stand Updiscussed with Pooja on prio tasks today0.33
Meetings01/20/2020ClarenceTaskMeeting #14502: Stand Upcreate this weeks tickets for sprints and meetings0.33
Meetings01/20/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14502: Stand Updiscussed on week's priority projects with team0.50
Meetings01/17/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14237: Stand Updiscussion on website need of Brice; other issues that Pooja and Clarence need to concentrate today0.50
Meetings01/16/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14250: Sprint Thursday - 1st MeetingMeeting with Mike on various issues: -MedApp 9806 - NRD/NRL deployed build -SUpport tickets -MedApp ticket views2.50
Meetings01/15/2020ClarenceTaskMeeting #14256: Sprint Wednesday (1st Meeting): Med App Weekly Meetinglisted down remaining issues from Manoj side and messaged their team leader, Robin to fix issues as we plan to release milestone 3 payment by Friday0.33
Meetings01/15/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14256: Sprint Wednesday (1st Meeting): Med App Weekly MeetingMeeting with Mike and Jan with Yona on med app views1.25
Meetings01/15/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14233: Stand Updiscussed with Pooja the tickets for priority today; discussed with Paras on MedApp delivery address info0.50
Meetings01/13/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14287: Sprint Meetingdiscussion with Mike, Jan and Yona1.00
Meetings01/09/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14041: Stand Updiscussed with Pooja on tickets for the day and she asked about the UI where to put the button; validated and discussed things with Yona on Esign upgrades build including this0.50
Meetings01/08/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14066: Sprint Wednesday (1st Meeting): Med App Weekly Meetingvarious MedApp discussions; also discussed on Charity and Mass Email with Yona3.00
Meetings01/08/2020ClarenceDiscussMeeting #14043: Stand Updiscussion with Pooja on her prio tickets today and long discussion on E-sign upgrades0.75
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