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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Meetings08/28/2018ClarenceDiscussMeeting #4216: Sprint meetingsMeeting in Zoom with LB team members1.00
Meetings08/30/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingsmeeting2.00
Meetings09/20/2018MikeDiscussMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingsdiscussed planning with jan and satheesh0.50
Meetings09/20/2018MikeDiscussMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingsdiscussed sprint project and focus on 2 week income with Jan1.00
Meetings09/24/2018MikeDiscussMeeting #4218: Sprint meetings50% mishandled pdf creator ticket and 50% projects1.50
Meetings09/29/2018MikeDiscussMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingssprint planning with sateesh6.00
Meetings10/01/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsMeeting wtih Mike on Goals 9AM-9:35AM0.50
Meetings10/01/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingsdiscussed and clean up sprints and tickets1.00
Meetings10/01/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsmeeting with Mike, discuss tickets 2.00
Meetings10/02/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetings9:07am - 11:00am MEETING skype with mike about package tickets 2.00
Meetings10/04/2018JanetTaskMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsMeeting on package reveiw1.00
Meetings10/05/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsDiscuss Package creation with Mike3.00
Meetings10/07/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsdiscuss package creation 4.00
Meetings10/09/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsdiscuss package with mike 2.00
Meetings10/12/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4635: Next Week Project SelectionMeeting with mike and sateesh5.25
Meetings10/23/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingsprepping tickets for mike/ivan/deepak/ more for weds1.50
Meetings10/23/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsMeting with mike2.50
Meetings10/24/2018MikeDiscussMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingsmisc esign/tickets/projects/personnel1.00
Meetings10/24/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingstomorrows team work1.00
Meetings10/26/2018MikeCommentMeeting #4638: Look Back Meeting0.50
Meetings10/26/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingsupdating mikes tickets for next week2.00
Meetings10/26/2018JanetTaskMeeting #4250: Sprint meetingsmeeting with MIke on Tickets1.50
Meetings11/07/2018MikeDesignMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingscomplete updates to package/ken/tammy/package/ projects some to esign2.50
Meetings11/09/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4635: Next Week Project SelectionMeeting in mikes office about Project goals 2.00
Meetings11/09/2018JanetDiscussMeeting #4635: Next Week Project SelectionSkype meeting with Mike and Clarence about clarences work product0.75
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