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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Meetings05/27/2019KaterynaDiscussMeeting #6951: It Meeting0.00
Meetings03/22/2019JanetDiscussMeeting #6070: Team Weekly0.00
Meetings08/24/2020EarlDiscussMeeting #19453: Orientation Meetingdiscussed redmine platform (ticket handling process) and Yona entertained onboarding questions0.03
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6203: Sprint Monday - ClaireClean requested 0.04
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6046: Sprint MondayClean requested 0.04
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6064: Weekly Sprint TuesdayAdded Meeting Agenda and Notes0.04
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6051: Weekly Sprint TuesdayAddedMeeting Agenda and Notes0.04
Meetings09/13/2019YonaTaskMeeting #9531: 15-minute meeting with Yonacreated tickets for mike and yon for the 15-minute discussion for the link mike sent in skype0.05
Meetings09/06/2019YonaTaskMeeting #9069: It Meeting: Digital Ocean Droplet for emailupdated agenda to include the 500 error email for Mike0.05
Meetings09/05/2019YonaTaskMeeting #9156: Sprint Wednesday (1st Meeting): Mass Email Updatecreated meeting ticket for thursday and added the agenda0.05
Meetings09/04/2019YonaTaskMAIN OUTLINE #8917: Git Branch Flowsadded the notes for Pooja's guide in editing the proposal0.05
Meetings10/06/2019YonaTaskMeeting #10161: It Meeting: Github environment comparison result, 4 open pr in github, current syphony check process, code commenting research resultupdated this ticket to be included in my monday bucket to clarify with mike the items he wants to discuss0.06
Meetings09/17/2019YonaTaskMeeting #9763: Sprint Tuesday (3rd meeting): Transaction Formupdated this ticket with agenda and related tickets0.06
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadCommentMeeting #6064: Weekly Sprint TuesdayUpdated her meeting is late 30 minutes0.08
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6187: MedApp BRD Meetingupdated presentation link 0.08
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6187: MedApp BRD Meeting0.08
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadTaskMeeting #6187: MedApp BRD Meeting0.08
Meetings09/02/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19602: Stand Upcommunicated with namita regarding the transaction form survey; 0.10
Meetings07/13/2020YonaTaskMeeting #18460: Stand Upinformed clarence, pooja and kat of our priorities and schedules for today through chat as I did not electricity earlier; 0.10
Meetings07/09/2020YonaTaskMeeting #18293: Stand Upsent a reminder to kat, clarence and pooja on their assigned tickets for today; 0.10
Meetings06/22/2020YonaTaskMeeting #18015: IT Meetingupdated this ticket with agend for today's it meeting; 0.10
Meetings06/07/2020YonaReviewTo Do #17535: Clean Production and App.B2bcharity Server Disc Spacereviewed pooja's notes and finaled this ticket0.10
Meetings03/27/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #16004: Stand Updiscussed with clarence and pooja the priorities for today0.10
Meetings03/19/2020YonaTaskMeeting #15563: Agenda for Next IT Meetingupdated this ticket; moved the discussed topics to the comment; only active topics are in the description0.10
Meetings12/12/2019YonaDiscussMeeting #12777: Stand Upchatted with Pooja in skype; she asked for a leave and she'll go on-duty by 3pm IST0.10
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