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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Meetings03/02/2020MikeCommentTo Do #15415: typical tip for a software projectalso searched 10 mins good idea but isnt common0.25
Meetings02/21/2020MikeCommentMeeting #15202: 2nd Meet: FB Commercial Page MVP reviewdiscussed feature entries that were stoppers0.50
Meetings10/10/2019MikeCommentMeeting #10440: Sprint Thursday (1st Meeting): Med App Updatewent over several things1.50
Meetings06/17/2019MikeCommentMeeting #7298: Sprint Mondayserver transfer and continuing issues with estimates2.75
Meetings03/26/2019MikeCommentMeeting #6047: Sprint Tuesdaymet on misc subjects2.00
Meetings03/26/2019MuhammadCommentMeeting #6064: Weekly Sprint TuesdayUpdated her meeting is late 30 minutes0.08
Meetings11/26/2018MikeCommentMeeting #4636: 10:00 AM EST Sprint Meetingwent over outline for next 2 weeks2.00
Meetings10/26/2018MikeCommentMeeting #4638: Look Back Meeting0.50
Meetings12/17/2018MikeDesignMeeting #4638: Look Back Meetingwork on team tickets for tomorrow1.50
Meetings11/07/2018MikeDesignMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingscomplete updates to package/ken/tammy/package/ projects some to esign2.50
Meetings08/27/2020PoojaDevelopMeeting #19411: Stand Up1.00
Meetings06/03/2020PoojaDevelopTo Do #17535: Clean Production and App.B2bcharity Server Disc Space0.25
Meetings04/30/2020PoojaDevelopMeeting #16740: IT Meeting 0.75
Meetings02/19/2020PoojaDevelopMeeting #15249: Stand Up1.00
Meetings10/28/2019KaterynaDevelopMeeting #11212: Stand Up0.33
Meetings10/25/2019KaterynaDevelopMeeting #10983: Stand Up0.33
Meetings09/04/2019PoojaDevelopMAIN OUTLINE #8917: Git Branch Flows1.00
Meetings07/02/2019KaterynaDevelopMeeting #7620: It Meeting1.00
Meetings05/22/2019PoojaDevelopMeeting #6915: Review Code 0.50
Meetings10/26/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingsupdating mikes tickets for next week2.00
Meetings10/24/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingstomorrows team work1.00
Meetings10/23/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4218: Sprint meetingsprepping tickets for mike/ivan/deepak/ more for weds1.50
Meetings10/01/2018MikeDevelopMeeting #4248: Sprint meetingsdiscussed and clean up sprints and tickets1.00
Meetings09/23/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #20030: Stand Up0.75
Meetings09/23/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #20029: Stand Up1. communicated with Kat regarding the transaction issue as reported by Mike in skype and noted her message in skype too. As of 12:30am EST she has not responded yet. 2. communicated with everyone the schedules for today. still waiting for Pooja to clock in. 3. did a call with Pooja to discuss priorities for today.0.33
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