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Meetings09/24/2020YonaTaskMeeting #20027: Stand Up1. Communicated with kat her priority tickets for today. As of 12:11am she has not responded yet. 2. Informed clarence of her tickets for today too.
Meetings09/23/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #20030: Stand Up0.75
Meetings09/23/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #20029: Stand Up1. communicated with Kat regarding the transaction issue as reported by Mike in skype and noted her message in skype too. As of 12:30am EST she has not responded yet. 2. communicated with everyone the schedules for today. still waiting for Pooja to clock in. 3. did a call with Pooja to discuss priorities for today.0.33
Meetings09/22/2020YonaTaskMeeting #20028: Stand Up1. communicated with Kat regarding today's schedule and tickets. as of 12:24am EST there has been no response yet. 2. inquired from Pooja regarding her schedule today and the tickets left yesterday. as of 12:25am EST no response yet. 3. Informed clarence also of her tickets today.
Meetings09/21/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #20032: Stand Up0.50
Meetings09/21/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #20034: Stand Updid a zoom call with Pooja to discuss priorities for today; 0.17
Meetings09/21/2020YonaTaskMeeting #20034: Stand Up1. communicated with kat regarding her tickets for today and that she should do the discussion with Manoj first on the duplicate notifications. She responded at 12:14am EST that she will start in 2hours. 2. Created a group chat for kat, manoj, me and clarence to discuss the 911 on the duplicate notifications and started the conversation. 3. Communicated with Clarence regarding the requirement to report to Mike whenever an issue is encountered within the 30 seconds of testing. 4. Communicated with Clarence and Pooja our schedules and tickets for today.
Meetings09/18/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19905: Stand Up0.50
Meetings09/18/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19907: Stand Upcommunicated with Kat her tickets for today and did a call with pooja to discuss tickets for today; also informed clarence of her tickets today0.50
Meetings09/16/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19915: 1st Meet: Med App Weekly Meeting2.00
Meetings09/16/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19904: Stand Up0.75
Meetings09/16/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19903: Stand Up1. Communicated with Kat regarding her tickets for today. Connected at 12:08am EST and she acknowledged 12:21am EST. 2. Communicated with Pooja and Clarence regarding our assigned tickets for today. 3. Unable to do a call with Pooja because she has internet connectivity issues due to the deployment of the code so we discussed through skype chat. 0.33
Meetings09/15/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19906: Stand Up0.75
Meetings09/15/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19902: Stand Upcommunicated with Kat, Pooja and Clarence regarding our tickets assigned for today; still waiting for their acknowledgement and waiting for Pooja to come online for us to do a call; 0.17
Meetings09/14/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19908: Stand Upchatted with Deepak regarding Pooja's absence today; also updated this ticket with the monosnap of the conversation; 0.17
Meetings09/14/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19908: Stand Upcommunicated with kat, clarence and pooja regarding today's schedules and priorities; 0.25
Meetings09/11/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19761: Stand Up1.25
Meetings09/11/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19763: Stand Upcommunicated with the ladies regarding our schedules for today; 0.17
Meetings09/09/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19760: Stand Up0.50
Meetings09/09/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19759: Stand Upcommunicated with everyrone regarding assigned tickets for today; 0.33
Meetings09/08/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19758: Feature planning with Earlcreated tickets together with earl for the marketing mvp; also discussed the lh website login credentials;2.17
Meetings09/08/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19769: 2nd Meet: Earl Sprint1.83
Meetings09/07/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19770: 1st Meet: B2B rollout planning1.50
Meetings09/07/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19762: Stand Up0.50
Meetings09/07/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19764: Stand Upcommunicated with pooja, kat and clarence on our tickets and priorities for today; 0.25
Meetings09/04/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19616: 1st Meet: Feature Planning2.75
Meetings09/04/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19604: Stand Up0.75
Meetings09/04/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19606: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today;0.50
Meetings09/04/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19606: Stand Upcommunicated with Kat regarding her tickets for today and to prioritize 8271 as this was not resolved yet.
Meetings09/03/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19600: Stand Upcall with Mike0.83
Meetings09/03/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19603: Stand Up0.50
Meetings09/03/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19600: Stand Upcommunicated with Kat and Pooja regarding their tickets and schedules for today; also reminded clarence of her assigned tickets; 0.25
Meetings09/02/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19614: 1st Meet: Feature Planning3.17
Meetings09/02/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19602: Stand Upcommunicated with Pooja hoping for a call but she said she's sick and she won't be working today; I obliged her to answer kat's question for Med app since Kat has been waiting for it since yesterday; see description for monosnaps; 0.17
Meetings09/02/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19602: Stand Upcommunicated with namita regarding the transaction form survey; 0.10
Meetings09/02/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19602: Stand Upsent kat a message regarding her tickets for today but she has not responded yet; 0.17
Meetings09/01/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19601: Stand Upchatted with kat to discuss her tickets for today; 0.17
Meetings08/31/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19612: Sprint Monday - 2nd Meetingmostly transaction 2.00
Meetings08/31/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19605: Stand Up0.50
Meetings08/31/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19607: Stand Updiscussed with Namita the feature creation and some overview of the transaction form rebuild project; 0.50
Meetings08/31/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19607: Stand Updiscussed with Pooja the priorities for today; 0.17
Meetings08/31/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19607: Stand Upreached out to Kat, Earl and Namita for today's assignments and schedules; 0.17
Meetings08/28/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19423: 1st Meet: Feature Planning3.50
Meetings08/28/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19413: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today and reminded kat and clarence of their tickets; 0.17
Meetings08/28/2020EarlReviewMeeting #19474: Scrum Meetingmeeting was cancelled, we proceeded with meeting about the Facebook API - easycloses0.25
Meetings08/27/2020PoojaDevelopMeeting #19411: Stand Up1.00
Meetings08/26/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19410: Stand UpZoom call with Yona, skype chat with Yona, Clarence and Paras0.50
Meetings08/26/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19422: 2nd Meet: Features planning1.75
Meetings08/26/2020EarlReviewMeeting #19493: 2nd Meet: Feature Planningdiscussed this week's tasks, priorities, b2b project, future tasks and goals.1.00
Meetings08/26/2020NamitaDiscussMeeting #19475: Scrum Meeting1.50
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