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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Meetings08/26/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19409: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today; informed clarence of her tickets; assigned kat her tickets at 12noon; 0.25
Meetings08/25/2020EarlReviewMeeting #19474: Scrum Meetingjust prepared questions for the scrum master for the meeting later.2.00
Meetings08/25/2020EarlReviewMeeting #19453: Orientation Meetingdone with this yesterday0.50
Meetings08/24/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19420: 1st Meet: Features Planning2.50
Meetings08/24/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19412: Stand Up0.50
Meetings08/24/2020EarlDiscussMeeting #19453: Orientation Meetingdiscussed redmine platform (ticket handling process) and Yona entertained onboarding questions0.03
Meetings08/24/2020EarlDiscussMeeting #19453: Orientation Meeting0.50
Meetings08/24/2020EarlReviewMeeting #19453: Orientation MeetingZoom orientation meeting with Yona and Iqra0.20
Meetings08/24/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19430: Redmine Walk-Througnwalkthrough with Earl and Iqra; also configured iqra's redmine account as she was not receiving any email with her credentials; 0.50
Meetings08/24/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19414: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today; reminded kat and clarence of their tickets too0.17
Meetings08/24/2020NamitaDiscussMeeting #19429: Redmine Walk-ThrougnRedmine walk through bb/n Yona and Namita0.50
Meetings08/24/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19430: Redmine Walk-Througnredmine walthrough with Namita0.75
Meetings08/21/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19258: 1st Meet: Feature Planning2.50
Meetings08/21/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19246: Stand Up0.50
Meetings08/21/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19248: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today; also informed kat and clarence of their tickets; 0.17
Meetings08/20/2020YonaTaskMeeting #19242: Stand Upsent kat and clarence messages to remind them of their tickets for today; Kat is not yet online at 12:04 when I sent the message; 0.17
Meetings08/19/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19256: 1st Meet: IT Meeting2.00
Meetings08/19/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19244: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today; informed clarence and kat of their tickets for today; 0.17
Meetings08/18/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19240: Stand Up0.50
Meetings08/17/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19255: 1st Meet: Med App Proposals and Estimates2.17
Meetings08/17/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19247: Stand Up0.50
Meetings08/17/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19249: Stand Updiscussed with pooja the priorities for today and also informed Clarence and Kat about their tickets;0.33
Meetings08/14/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19073: 1st Meet: Feature Planning3.33
Meetings08/14/2020PoojaDiscussMeeting #19061: Stand Up0.50
Meetings08/14/2020YonaDiscussMeeting #19063: Stand Updiscussed today's priorities and 911 with Pooja; also reminded Clarence and kat of their tickets; 0.33
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